Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to helping athletes of all levels recover from injuries and reach their peak performance. With personalized treatment plans, cutting-edge therapies, and a focus on long-term wellness, we'll get you back in the game stronger and better than ever. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, we're here to support your journey to optimal health and fitness.

Hand of athletic therapist taping the ankle/heel of a female patient

Athletic Therapy

Using exercise and manual techniques to prevent, evaluate, treat, and manage injuries, our athletic therapists aim to enhance performance, expedite recovery, and improve overall health through focused rehabilitation and injury care.

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Male chiropractor's hands working on the lower back of a young male, wearing black athletic shorts


Utilizing manual techniques to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal issues, our chiropractors aim to enhance overall wellbeing by restoring proper alignment, relieving pain, and promoting natural healing processes within the body.

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Male massage therapist's hands work on the neck of a young, blond woman

Massage Therapy

Employing skilled touch and techniques to alleviate tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation, our massage therapists enhance physical and mental wellbeing by reducing stress, relieving discomfort, and restoring balance in the body.

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Young male soccer playing sitting on a table, with a physiotherapist's hands working on his knee


Using specialized exercises and manual therapies to rehabilitate and improve physical function, our physiotherapists aim to relieve pain, enhance mobility, and optimize overall health, helping individuals regain independence and quality of life.

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Meet our Clinic Team

Welcome to the Sport Medicine Clinic, your dedicated partner in athletic wellness.

Our team of passionate healthcare professionals is here to provide you with top-notch sport medicine services designed to keep you at the top of your game. From injury prevention strategies to customized rehabilitation plans, we offer a variety of specialized services to help athletes of all levels perform their best and stay in peak condition.

Schedule your appointment today and let us help you take your performance to the next level.

Chris Broadhurst

Clinic Manager & Athletic Therapist

Dr. Lawrence Micheli

Clinic Manager & Chiropractor

Andrea Lilley

Athletic Therapist & Registered Massage Therapist