Welcome to the Clinic Above

The Sport Medicine Clinic is a full-service, multi-disciplinary injury treatment and rehabilitative clinic, specializing in sports injuries. Home to the city’s most recommended healthcare practitioners, our expert team collaborates on patient screening and diagnostics to provide treatment programs that relieve, restore, and reignite.

How we can help...

Athletic therapist working on a patient's knee and lower leg


Preventative and rehabilitative services are offered at the Clinic, bringing you relief from the stresses of everyday living and injury.


Here are some of the services we offer at the Clinic: Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Orthotics/Pedorthics, & Custom Fit Bracing.

Therapist doing shockwave therapy on a patient at the Sport Medicine Clinic


We want you to live your best life and always want you to be game ready, that’s why the Clinic offers techniques designed to enhance your recovery.


Here are some of the techniques we offer at the Clinic: Active Release Technique, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Shockwave Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, & Fascial Distortion Model.

Therapist performing a gait analysis on a patient at the Sport Medicine Clinic


When your care requires specialized attention, our team of experts will complete the necessary tests and assessments to create a program designed to help you reach your optimal health.


Here are some of the specializations we offer at the Clinic: Functional Movement Screen, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Running/Gait Analysis, Lab Testing, & Concussion Care.