What is Red Cord therapy?

Red Cord therapy focuses on neuromuscular activation, targeting specific muscles and their neural connections. It involves exercises performed while suspended from a system of slings and bungee cords. By engaging in these exercises, patients activate and strengthen specific muscle groups, which enhances joint stability, improves mobility, and reduces pain. This approach is non-invasive and highly effective in restoring function, reducing discomfort, and expediting recovery.

Because our experienced therapists at the Sport Medicine Clinic are commiteed to providing patients with the most advanced and effective treatment methods, we incorporate Red Cord therapy into our treatment plans to help patients return to their active lifestyles as quickly as possible.

When can Red Cord therapy help?

Red Cord neuromuscular activation therapy is particularly effective in addressing a wide range of sports-related injuries and conditions, including:

- Muscle imbalances: correcting imbalances that can lead to overuse injuries
- Joint instability: enhancing joint stability for injury prevention and rehabilitation
- Core strengthening: improving core strength and function for overall body support
- Functional movement limitations: enhancing movement patterns to optimize athletic performance
- Postural imbalances: correcting postural issues contributing to chronic discomfort and injuries
- Hip & pelvic stabilization: improving stability in the hip and pelvic regions
- Shoulder & arm strength: enhancing upper body strength and function
- Lower extremity stability: increasing stability in the lower limbs for better performance and injury prevention

What can I expect from my first Red Cord therapy session?

After your therapist explains the process, how the Red Cord system works, and the objectives of the session, they will outline the exercises that you will be performing - they may even demonstrate those for you.

When you're ready, you'll be safely and securely suspended in the Red Cord system with slings and bungee cords. Then throughout the session, your therapist will continue to guide you through a series of exercises, targeting the specific muscle groups or movements that you're working on.

Throughout the session, you should expect your therapist to provide feedback on your form, technique, and progress.

How long will my Red Cord therapy session be?

The session's length can vary but typically lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your individual needs and goals.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable during my session?

It's essential to communicate openly with your therapist about your comfort, any discomfort, or specific goals you want to achieve. Subsequent sessions will build upon your initial experience and be customized to your progress and objectives. 

Is Red Cord therapy covered by OHIP or my insurance?

Red Cord therapy is not covered under your OHIP but may be covered by your extended health insurance plan. Please check your individual plans for more details. The Sport Medicine Clinic will provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do I need a referral to get Red Cord therapy at the Sport Medicine Clinic?

No referral is necessary for Red Cord therapy to be part of your treatment plan. Upon completion of your assessment, your therapist can advise you if Red Cord therapy is appropriate for your injury. 

Is the Sport Medicine Clinic accepting new patients for Red Cord therapy?

Yes! Please call 416-865-0903 or click here to book your appointment.