Weight Management

This weight management program is designed by our naturopath to assist you in achieving goals around weight and body composition. 

This program can be conducted over eight weeks, beginning with a naturopathic initial consultation and assessment (60-minutes), followed by 30-minute consultations and weigh-ins at two week intervals. E-mail support with our naturopath is available throughout.

At the initial consultation, goals will be discussed along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. The plan will be modified as needed throughout. 

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What will I get by joining this program?

By joining the program, you will receive an individualized weight management plan along with biweekly support visits. Supplement recommendations will also be provided to manage cravings, improve nutritional status, and ensure smooth digestion.

Are there specific types of people that are best served by this program? Are there others that shouldn’t register for this program?

Individuals with goals around weight management, modifying body composition, or for weight maintenance will benefit from this program. Those who are interested in modifying their diet or who have difficulty being consistent with a healthy diet (regardless of weight) may also benefit from this program. 

What’s the difference between nutritional counseling and weight management?

Nutritional counseling or coaching involves the assessment of diet for the purposes of supporting wellness, alleviating symptoms, and achieving your all manner of personal health goals. 

Weight management involves a dietary prescription to achieve specific goals of reducing or maintaining weight and/or shifting body composition (i.e. increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat).

What kind of results should be expected?

Results vary between individuals and depend on a variety of factors including current health status, patient compliance, and genetics. In general, the greater the commitment to the prescription, the greater the likelihood of success.

How do you register for the weight management program?

You may register for this program with the Sport Medicine Clinic’s reception who will assist you in booking your initial consultation and assessment.

Do I need to be a Sport Medicine Clinic patient to be part of the weight management program at the Clinic?

No, members and non-members may book with the Clinic. Please call 416-865-0903 or email us today to book your appointment.

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    Non-members and members of the Toronto Athletic Club are welcome