Lab Testing

Through our naturopathic doctor, a variety of lab tests are available, including many of those available through your medical doctor. 

Common tests include a complete blood count (CBC) to assess immune function, cholesterol panel, thyroid panel, hormone testing, inflammatory markers, blood sugar, vitamins and minerals (including Vitamin D, B12, etc.), iron, kidney and liver function, among many others. 

Additional testing is available including Food Sensitivity Testing, stool testing, salivary hormone tests, among many others.

First Time Visitors


How is testing done? What will I learn from these tests?

Depending on the test, our staff will provide you with exact directions. If you are having blood testing done, for example, you will be provided with a requisition and directed to book an appointment at a LifeLabs location where you will have your blood drawn. Other tests require take-home kits for salivary or stool samples, for which instructions will be provided on an individual basis. 

What can I learn from doing these tests?

Each test is unique, but you can expect a deeper look into the underlying workings of your system. If you are experiencing symptoms, lab testing allows your doctor to understand the potential root cause. If you are not experiencing symptoms, lab results will still allow your doctor to uncover areas that need assistance so that they may be addressed before becoming problematic.

Lab testing also provides an objective measure from which you may determine whether you are making progress.

Is there anyone that isn’t right for (or shouldn’t be) doing these tests?

Each individual requires regular screening lab testing; annual naturopathic visits will allow your naturopath to ensure you are having the necessary tests done as needed. 

Can these tests have long-term impacts on my health?

Testing can allow your naturopath to identify underlying concerns that may or may not be causing symptoms. Once addressed, this can greatly benefit your health in the present and future. 

How do I sign-up for my lab testing?

Lab testing can be ordered once you have seen our naturopath for an initial consultation and assessment or on an as needed basis during a naturopathic follow-up consultation.

Is the lab testing done at the Sport Medicine Clinic?

Lab testing is done off-site at partnered labs.

Do I need a referral to get lab testing at the Sport Medicine Clinic?

No, you may book in with our naturopath for an initial assessment and consultation at any time to discuss lab testing.

Do I need to be a Sport Medicine Clinic patient to get lab testing at the Clinic?

No, members and non-members may book with our naturopath at any time for an initial consultation and assessment to discuss lab testing. Please call 416-865-0903 or email us today to book your appointment.