Functional Movement Screen

What is Functional Movement Screen?

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an objective screen based on multiple principles of movement. It is used to recognize deficiencies in mobility and stability of fundamental movement patterns in the body. The therapist uses this tool to develop programming and specific feedback based on the findings, helping to improve these deficiencies and, ultimately, promote general well-being and improve overall performance.  

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What is involved in FMS?

There are seven (7) movement tests that the patient will have to perform and be assessed on to determine their overall level of function.

Do you have to be at a specific fitness level for FMS?

No. Anyone can be evaluated using FMS to determine whether or not the patient is ready for fitness training.

What’s the difference between FMS and SFMA?

There are a few main differences between the FMS and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). The FMS is designed to focus on the client’s asymmetries in mobility and stability during functional movement patterns, while the SFMA is used to uncover musculoskeletal dysfunctions in people experiencing pain.

How does FMS impact my training?

Depending on the patient’s overall score on their FMS tests, the therapist may be able to design a strength program to help improve their overall stability and mobility. However, if their score is not sufficient for training, the therapist may prescribe a course of rehabilitation.

Do I need a referral to get FMS at the Sport Medicine Clinic?

No referral is required to do an FMS test at the Sport Medicine Clinic. 

Do I need to be a Sport Medicine Clinic patient to do FMS at the Clinic?

No referral needed. Any member of the public can benefit from an FMS. Please call 416-865-0903 or email us today to book your appointment with a certified therapist.