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Joanne Ukposidolo
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Joanne graduated from McMaster University with a BSc Honours in Biology & Psychology. She completed her Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto. Joanne has extensive experience working within the orthopedic and sports population. As a member of the Pan Am Basketball Team 2015, she understands the importance of physical activity and fitness in one's lifestyle. From postoperative conditions to strains, sprains and tendinopathies she believes in actively engaging patients in order to achieve their specific rehabilitation goals. Joanne focuses on the root cause of injury and works collaboratively with patients in an active holistic approach using manual therapy, soft tissue work, exercise prescription and physical modalities for pain control. She is a firm believer of educating patients about their condition, providing postural correction and activity modification in order to treat and prevent re-injury. As an avid lifelong learner, Joanne has taken numerous postgraduate courses for movement systems and dysfunctions, specific musculoskeletal conditions (shoulder complex, lumbopelvic complex, TMJ pain), kinesiotaping (KT1& KT2) and is steadily working through her manual therapy levels with the Canadian orthopedic division. Joanne is a certified medical acupuncture provider through McMaster contemporary medical acupuncture and has coupled this course with Functional Integrated Needling for Sports injuries in order to design and implement adjunct acupuncture treatment plans for pain relief and muscle activation. Understanding the components of core muscles, Joanne has taken various courses in pelvic health. She is a certified Pelvic Floor therapist and is an avid educator when it comes to proper breathing techniques and its incorporation into rehabilitation and performance.