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Bob Berezowski

Bob Berezowski
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Bob joined the TAC Clinic in 1991. Prior to joining this clinic he worked at the Fitness Institute, in Willowdale. Bob was educated in Eastern Europe and has over 18 years of extensive experience in sport and deep tissue massage therapy.Although Bob specializes in sport and deep tissue massage, he also takes pride in providing ‘massage education’ to his clients. Topics such as: stretching, exercises, weight training, ice & heat therapy are discussed with his clients during their scheduled treatment. Bob is a dedicated runner and has completed several marathons, including Boston and Chicago. His personal interest in running is combined with his desire to educate his clients during treatment, specifically related to the sport of running. Through massage therapy, Bob can help an athlete prepare for an upcoming event; teach him/her preventative techniques to use during training; or provide post racing massage treatment to ensure a speedy recovery.